I added a fluffy top to my already-obnoxious, sparkly socks!


These socks were already pretty bold, but kind of pedestrian.  I decided to send them right over the top and add a row of fluffy pom poms.

OK, here’s the real reason.  I hate it when I wear some fancy socks and they’re adorable except for the roll of flab at the top.  What is the deal with that??  And it’s not just a middle-aged mother-of-three thing either.  Seriously, when I was young and I weighed about 100 pounds and my legs were sticks I had rolls at the tops of my socks too.  It seems that if the socks aren’t tight enough to squeeze out a little roll of flab, they’re not tight enough to stay up either.  How annoying!


The first thing I had to do was put a row of blanket stitching at the top of each sock.  No, I lied.  The first thing I had to do was paint my nails white and then put a whole mess of glitter polish on them.  The theme of the day is obnoxious, baby!  Sparkles and glitter, yeah!

Oh yeah, back to the socks.  I used some zig-zaggy white acrylic baby yarn.  I got it at a rummage sale, so I don’t know what kind it is.


Then I crocheted a row of Spark-A-Doodle to the top of that.


Look, I took a selfie!

The flab is still there, but it’s completely hidden.

I love how the sparkly red lips compete with the sparkly white pom poms for attention.  And “Kiss me,” well, who couldn’t agree with that?

I know everyone else is getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but right now I can’t wait for spring!  Or maybe I should root around the stores for some more seasonally-appropriate fancy socks.  Hmmm…

What is this thing???


Well, the good news is that I finished a crochet project, and it’s very…interesting.  The bad news is that I don’t know what I should do with this thing.

I have this enormous stash of Spark A Doodle yarn.  I love this stuff!  It’s so very, very soft.  And sparkly.  It would probably be completely tacky if it weren’t so doggone soft.

So I was fooling around and fooling around and I decided to add a row of fluffy Spark A Doodle to the edge of a sheer red scarf I had lying around.  The scarf had a problem with the hem, and so I figured if I covered it with fluff, that would be good.

I sewed around the edge of the scarf with some plain yarn so that I would have somewhere to crochet the Spark A Doodle.  Then I added a row of Spark A Doodle in single crochet.  But somehow, the edge of the scarf and the crocheted fluffy stuff don’t quite match up in terms of stretchiness and that sort of thing.  So sometimes it looks like a sexy red jellyfish.


It looks a little more normal in this photo, but I think you can still see the problem.


When it’s tied around the neck, it looks like this.  Hmm, a little strange,

What the heck, I’m going to wear it anyway!  I’m calling it my sexy jellyfish scarf, and I dare you to make one too!

Thanks for stopping by!  Maria

More Spark-A-Doodle projects!

Spark-A-Doodle Pom Pom Cowl


Spark-A-Doodle Pom Pom Cowl


I realized I had better make a cowl to go along with the hat from a few days ago.  I used some more of the Festival Mix Fiber bulky  yarn to double-crochet a big rectangle and slip-stitched the ends together to form a loop.  Then I ran a row of single crochet around each side with the same blue Spark-A-Doodle.


Here’s a close-up of where I added the Spark-A-Doodle, including the end.  I left a bit at the beginning (a couple of inches before the first pom pom, and a couple inches at the end (after the last pom pom) and I tied them together.  It’s kind of hard to weave in the ends otherwise, with those fluffy balls in the way.  I figured a knot wouldn’t kill me.  🙂


My daughter requested a hair tie too.  I used a regular cheapo rubber band and tied on the bulky yarn.  I made a round of single crochet in the hair band, then switched to the Spark-A-Doodle for a round.

So my girl has a hat, cowl, and hairband, all matchy-matchy.  Right now, she’s wearing the hairband and the cowl and she’s beautiful!  (But again, too shy for a photo.)

To make the hat, cowl, and hair tie, I used about 1.8 ounces of the Spark-A-Doodle yarn, which is about half a skein.  I’m scheming some more projects already!

I finished the prankster hat as well, plus something else that turned out funny so I don’t know what it is yet, but I haven’t taken photos.  Maybe tomorrow.

Crochet hat with pom pom yarn edge


I just love pom pom yarn, don’t you?  I recently came across a good-sized stash of Red Heart Spark-A-Doodle yarn.  It’s been discontinued (sad, sad!) so I bought a bunch for the store.

My daughter twisted my arm a little, and I crocheted her a hat.  She didn’t need to twist very hard.  I just love how soft the pom poms are!

I didn’t use a pattern, and that’s why the hat looks like a mushroom.  🙂  I used Festival Mix Fiber bulky yarn for most of the hat, and then I added a row of pom poms.  I had to rip out the pom poms the first time because I spaced them too far apart.  I had one single crochet (with one pom pom) per stitch of the bulky yarn, which made it too tight .  So I pulled out the last row and re-worked it with two single crochets (and two pom poms) per stitch of the bulky yarn.  I’ve started a scarf too.

My daughter is too shy to model the hat, so I had to make do with my fake head.

I really love this light blue color.  I reminds me of a neighbor when I was growing up because she told me lots of times that it was her favorite color.  She was like everybody’s grandma – a very funny, sweet lady.  She gave me my first cup of coffee.  I had gone over to her house to talk because I was upset about the events of Jonestown, Guyana.  (This was in 1978.)  The kids there were caught up in all that murder because they were trying to do the right thing.  Their parents told them what to do, and their pastor told them what to do, and they were murdered doing what they were told.  I was worried that I needed to stop doing things because people I loved and trusted told me they were the right things, and I was afraid I would make a mistake.  I dumped all that on her and I was a bit of a mess.  She took a deep breath and shook her head.  “You’re right, that’s a doozy.  Looks like you’re going to need a cup of coffee.”  She heated up the water in the kettle on the stove and made me a little instant decaf with a whole lot of milk.  She put the cup in front of me and looked me right in the eye.  “Welcome to adolescence, Maria.”