Another gift bag – much easier than it looks!


Perfect for shipping a pattern!

It was a tiny bit more work than my usual bags, which is still not much work at all.

I started out with a crib sized dust ruffle.  If I had used the hem for the top of the bag like I usually do, it would have been upside down.  So I had to roll a little hem.  SIGH, so much work, work, work.  It took about 4 minutes to hem 10 bags.  I did the hem before I cut the bags apart.  🙂

I also had to cut off a row of wide white rick rack at the bottom of the bag, which made me a little bit sad.  But the dust ruffle had been washed and dried, and the rick rack had shrunk and it just wasn’t adorbs anymore, so it had to go.  Okay, okay, it also looked like a dog or cat had chewed on part of it, so it really had to go.

I love that I was able to make a bunch of people smile with something that could have ended in the trash!

Here are a couple more recent gift bags:



Sorry I haven’t posted.  I’ve been busy, which I know is no real excuse, but there it is.

My mom came to visit, which was awesome.  When we were driving her from the airport to our house, we had a tire blow out on a big huge bridge.  We managed to pull over safely and conveniently at Sonic.  Nobody screamed or cussed out loud.  Except for maybe the tow guy who changed our tire for us, but if he screamed and/or cussed out loud, it was after he left and we didn’t hear him.  He might have screamed and/or cussed out loud because we had a toilet there on the curb at Sonic.  I took the toilet out of the back of the van to get out the spare.  Then I realized the spare was not in back – that was our old van.  So I just looked like an idiot with a toilet sitting on the curb at Sonic.  Nobody tried to use the toilet, so I’ll count the whole event as a big, huge win.  Why did I tell you all of this?

Always, always cranking out the gift bags!


These are just right for wrapping up a pattern.

I ran out of the fancy ribbon, so I made a few like this:


If you want to make your own, here’s a tutorial.

And on a larger scale:


My little girl scout is scheduled to go camping this weekend.  The girls have enormous quantities of lightweight items (paper towels, tp, cereal, etc.) to haul back to the cabins.

I’ve made a lot of these over the years.  When my eldest was young, we needed to use cloth diapers.  We live in a rural area with no diaper service, so I made nylon diaper pail liners like this.  Just a giant bag.  Then when I washed the diapers, I threw the bag in the wash too.  We still use the bags for hauling stuff, but we don’t tell anyone about their sordid past.  Hey, they’ve been washed in hot water about a million times, people!

For my daughter’s camping bag, I put some handles on the top.  I re-purposed them from a broken lunch bag.  Close-up: