Science Fair Project Bag

If you have kids, you need to make one of these as soon as the science fair assignment comes home.

When your kid has worked and worked and worked on that project for a month or more, and then the night before it’s due sees that rain is in the forecast for the big day, you will be the best mom/dad/grandparent/aunt/uncle/friend/whatever EVER when you pull out this baby!  It’s big enough to protect that giant tri-fold display AND it has handles so it’s less likely to get dropped in a puddle at the bus stop.


I threw this bag together out of a piece of somebody’s leftover nylon something-or-other fabric I picked up at the thrift store.  I made it like I make my little gift bags.  I used one of the fabric selvages for the top so I wouldn’t have to hem it.  I’m lazy that way.  I made the handles out of a leftover bit and sewed them on top.

You could get awesome by making one out of school colors.  You could add an applique of some sort, or embroider your kid’s name on it.  I didn’t make it awesome – I just made it fast, which is its own kind of awesome.

Thanks for looking!