What in the world was I thinking??

So last night I was crocheting along with high ambitions for a shrug for my daughter. I was really enjoying the artsiness of this novelty yarn:

mystery yarn 1

And then about half way through the skein, it all suddenly turned into this:

weird yarn 3.jpg


What? What? It turned from a nice ball of novelty yarn into a matted, knotted, maddening clump of string and lint. Maybe I should have pulled the yarn from the center instead of unrolling it from the outside of the ball. It quickly disintegrated into 15 minutes of untangling, 1 minute of crocheting, then more untangling. Yikes!

weird scarf (1).jpg

So…now I have finished my scarf!  And I have a clump of string and lint available for anyone that wants it…

DIY Replacement Hammock from a Bed Sheet

The kids got my husband a hammock last year for Father’s Day.  They bought it a rummage sale, and the guy who sold it to us said it had been sitting around in the garage for years.

Unfortunately, the years took their toll on the hammock, and the fabric ripped.  We decided to re-use the tree straps and hardware and make our own hammock out of an old sheet.

2015-02-21 14.12.22 (1)

You can see I need to learn to tie a decent knot!  In my defense, I did this in the rain when it was very cold outside.  I would not let anyone use this if it were any more than six inches off the ground!

You can see the nylon tree strap to the far right with a round ring.  The strap is nylon and the ring is steel.  Then we have a steel S hook attaching the poorly tied hammock.  The metal part protecting the rope is called a rope thimble.  We salvaged it from our old, torn hammock.  It reminds me of a french wire for jewelry making.  Same concept, much heavier!

2015-02-21 14.09.22 (1)

Here’s the sewing part.  I’ve been sewing for 40 years, and so I’m afraid I have no excuse for how this turned out!  I used bonded nylon thread and I sewed the casing twice on each end of the sheet.  It was a very fancy satin sheet a few years ago.  But somehow, the hem was kind of crooked.  I followed along the existing hem when I made the casing, and then I couldn’t figure out why it was so crooked.  Duh, Maria!  I’m afraid it’s not the best looking hammock in town.

2015-02-21 14.10.08 (1)

Ahhhhh!  Here’s the important part!  My son likes to lie face down on the hammock.  For some reason, the pressure around his belly calms him and helps him feel better when he starts to feel upset.  Obviously, we need to supervise closely to make sure he can breathe OK.  Fortunately for us, he never holds a position for long.  He’s one of those kids that is always moving, moving, moving.

Now that the kiddos are back in school, I can take a few minutes and read up on how to tie a hammock properly, and then we’ll be set.  Hmm, I wonder if anyone will give their father a turn in his hammock!

Crochet amigurumi very fat dog – oops!


I made a crochet dog for my friend.  This is supposed to look like her dog Bear, but Bear is a much thinner dog.

I already gave this little dog some liposuction (with a crochet hook and a couple of stitches) but she is still way too fat.



It could have been even worse.  Check out my first try for the legs:


I used some Gala yarn that I really love.  It’s kind of an eyelash chenille, and it’s perfectly soft for making little animals.  But of course, it’s impossible to see what I’m doing as I crochet along.  I ended up poking my hook through anything that would hold it, and instead of four or five stitches per round, it ended up double that.  So I made new legs, focusing on making them smaller.

I’ll save those huge legs and make something else with them.  Maybe a couple of tiny mice or something like that.  I only have an eensie weensie bit of yarn left, so it will have to be something tiny.

I still need to find some eyes for mini-fat-Bear.  Real Bear has amazing golden eyes.  They are really beautiful, so I’m rooting through my buttons to find something just right.


I ended up using two buttons layered together for her eyes.  Well, four buttons, I guess.


Here she is, all fat and jolly!