More Freestyle Needle Felting


I finished up our teamwork Porky project yesterday.  I grabbed a stick from the yard and snapped it to the right length.  I cut the wool into a rectangle shape with tabs at the top, then hand stitched the flaps over the stick.  I had to finish it myself because my daughter was off doing something else.

lucky 2014


She got all independent on me.  She printed out this photo of Lucky for inspiration…


…and just look at what she made!  She even made little orange feet and black speckles on his head.  His caruncle looks nice and lumpy too.  I’m so proud!

I’m afraid we have found a new hobby.  🙂   🙂   :0)

Unfortunately, it seems to be the sort of hobby where we collect all sorts of little bits of things and save scraps of all kinds because they might become useful someday.  We both already have major packrat tendencies.  Does anyone have any ideas for how to organize/control ourselves?  I really am serious here!

Adding a little something to our needle felting project


With all the talk of violence yesterday, I thought it best to add a little bit of Porky to our project.  I used some little bits of roving that we had.  I like using the roving.  It’s easier to poke than the sweater seam trimmings.  But the seam trimmings are nice too.  They are less subtle, more dramatic.

We still need to figure out what to make out of this thing.