My prankster hat is done.


You might remember how my daughter tricked me into making a hat…

I think I like how it turned out.  I made a huge floppy sort of pom pom thing for the top.

It’s a little big for my daughter’s head.  It’s a little big for my head too.  Maybe I’ll have to become one of those gaugers after all.  Of course, it might be easier (and more fun) to make new friends with giant heads.

And even though my daughter “hates knitting,” somehow she has begun a new hat.


You may have noticed that she is using the smaller loom this time.

Apparently this doesn’t count as knitting because she is using a little eyelash yarn.  She plans to make a couple of rounds with eyelash yarn and then switch to the more ordinary yarn.  As you can see, she really “hates knitting.”

Thanks for stopping by!  Maria

Oops, looks like I’ve been pranked!


My daughter told me that one of her friends at school knits with a circular loom to make hats.  She doesn’t have to finish her projects off in some inscrutable, complicated way – she just pulls a piece of yarn through all the loops and ties it.

Well that sounded awfully good to me.  (My daughter’s first knitting project was a loom scarf, and the finishing part was tense.)  So I bought a set of circular looms for her.

She was all excited to use this skein of Red Heart Baby Clouds, which looks and feels suspiciously like Lion Brand Homespun.

She needed a little help getting the yarn on the loom, then she did a few loops and remembered that she “hated” knitting.  I was not thinking, so I offered to see if the yarn was twisted up a little funny or something.  Next thing I know, I’m knitting a hat and my daughter is running away laughing!  But I don’t even know how to knit!  How on earth did this happen to me?