DIY to encourage good manners. Well, improved manners anyway.

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I do get tired of talking about going to the bathroom all the time. But I have children. One of my children in particular has issues. Issues with anxiety, issues with language and communication, issues with knowing when it is not appropriate to talk about one’s issues with anxiety regarding digestion…

So I thought I was clever when I introduced the idea of referring to poops as victories, because that just sounds better. I now understand that we will probably never get through a day without talking about pooping. A more achievable (but probably still unlikely) goal would be to talk about pooping in less graphic detail. Or at least to reduce (but not eliminate, sorry for the pun) our frank and graphic discussions of pooping while some people are trying to choke down their dinner without gagging.


I printed up this nice little encouragement and sealed it with clear Contact paper. I could have used the glass that came with the frame instead, but glass in picture frames is a no-no at our house.

Since I’m an optimist, I used a dry erase marker to fill in the zeroes. A realist would probably have used a Sharpie, but I try to keep it positive around here.

The cardboard at the back of the frame was mangled, so I fixed it with cardboard, a soda can tab, and a blob of hot glue.


I am expecting wonderful things!

At our house, “victory” is the code word for “poop.”


Crochet Basket from Elefant Twist Macrame Cord

2016-03-03 15.09.47.jpg

I picked up a skein of Elefant Twist olefin fiber macrame cord (from the 1970s) at the thrift store in a bag of other crafting goodies.  It was dirty and it smelled bad.

I knocked together a little crocheted basket in less than an hour.  I melted the yarn ends to keep them from unraveling.  Then I tossed it in the washing machine.  No need to even drip dry – the spin cycle took care of all that.  It looks (and smells) nice and clean.

I guess this is why rug makers like olefin so much!

I’m going to try washing the rest of the skein in a mesh bag so that I don’t have to handle it when it’s so dirty.

Utility apron for me!

poly knit utility apron

I wear an apron around the house most of the time.  I use my smart phone a lot, and I like to carry it with me.  But if I put it in my pants pocket, I’m concerned that I might crack it.  And some pants don’t even have pockets.

Alright, alright I’ll tell the truth.  I’m afraid I will forget my phone is in my pocket and drop it in the toilet.  OK, are you satisfied?

I have been using a freebie apron from the lumber yard.  I can’t complain about the price, but I think it’s more of a “guy” style.  Other aprons I have seen are awesome but maybe a bit too frilly to be practical for me.  I’m not going to choose between durable and good-looking.  I’m going to have it all.

I found some weird-looking polyester knit fabric at the thrift store.  Of course, I had to have it.  It looks like something from the 1970s.  Kind of a diagonal gingham check in dark green.  It’s a nice heavyweight knit fabric, and all polyester, so you know it will wear like nobody’s business!

I made it with big slanted pockets.  My phone goes on my left hip, my keys on my right, whatever else I need can go right in the middle.

I paid 59 cents for the fabric (and I have some left over) and I used part of a dollar store spool of ribbon for the ties.

A special gift for a special teen – a locker-sized shark week bag

shark week bag

I made this out of a very cool rummage sale sheet I bought several years ago. It looks like a wave in the ocean. How sick – clearly, I’ve been planning this for a while!

I drew a rough outline of a shark onto some Heat ‘N Bond Ultra Hold, then ironed it onto a bit of silver tissue lamé, then cut it out, flipped it over, and ironed it onto the sheet fabric.

I thought I would have to stitch down the edges, but it’s holding very well on its own.

close up shark applique

I lined the bag with some white muslin.  You can congratulate me now for my restraint.  I had a piece of red satin lining that I could have used, but I chose the more modest white.

I stitched in a bit of white grosgrain ribbon for the loop handle, and then added some velcro at the top.

The bag is huge – about 14 inches by 14 inches. Plenty, plenty, plenty of room!

An exciting experiment is in the works!

What a find!  I can hardly believe it.
My son likes to take lots and lots of baths.  He loves to play with colors too, and he likes to use different colors of soaps and shampoos when he takes a bath.  We limit him to two color choices per bath.
Sorry this is so blurry. I guess I just got excited!
One of his favorite outings is the grocery store.  Our pharmacy is located in the grocery store and it works like this:  My son goes to the pharmacy window and asks for his medicine.  Even though everyone there knows him, they ask for his name and birthdate, and he answers their questions and signs the forms, and then he sometimes chats and makes small talk.  (!!!)
When he does a great job, he gets the built-in reward of picking out his own salad and drink, and browsing through the soap.  They have a huge selection of shampoos and soaps and body washes in every imaginable color and for every special condition.  This cracks me up because our usual condition is “dirty” and so we are looking for soap to make us “clean,” and all of them do that.  Of course, there are different price points.  We stick to the cheap ones.
I don’t know why I never noticed this before, but with all these options, there is one kind of shampoo that (presumably) would be for almost everyone.
“Normal” shampoo.
Normal?  Sure, why not?  It’s 79 cents, and it’s orange.  I’ve never been normal before.  I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes.