Hello there, and welcome to my blog!


My name is Maria, and I love to make all kinds of things.  I enjoy different sorts of crafts like sewing, needlework, crafting, cooking, and woodwork.   I sell things on eBay, Bonanza, and ecrater that people use to make things, and I wonder what they do with it all.  So I set up a blog.


That duck up there is my real pet duck.  His name is Lucky.  He’s a muscovy duck that rules the back yard at our place.  And sometimes the house.


I am married and I have three kids.


I’m going to start off with a little tutorial, and I’ll probably put in a few of those from time to time.  I hope this blog will also have lots of brag photos from my customers.


Please bear with me if it becomes any more obvious that I don’t know what I am doing…


Thanks for checking in!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Maria,
    I ordered a pattern from you and received it today.(I have been looking forever for this!!) What a surprise to have the pattern arrive in not only the standard mailing envelope, but a sweet fabric bag with a ribbon on it. Along with that enclosed was a magnet, a fabric swatch with a needle with your info, and a handwritten note. It is little special touches that make businesses like yours not only successful, but memorable to clients. It also makes us as a customer feel special. I will highly recommend your website to all my sewing friends. Please share my message if you wish. Your pride in your business shows that you love what you do. Regards, Rose


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