Utility apron for me!

poly knit utility apron

I wear an apron around the house most of the time.  I use my smart phone a lot, and I like to carry it with me.  But if I put it in my pants pocket, I’m concerned that I might crack it.  And some pants don’t even have pockets.

Alright, alright I’ll tell the truth.  I’m afraid I will forget my phone is in my pocket and drop it in the toilet.  OK, are you satisfied?

I have been using a freebie apron from the lumber yard.  I can’t complain about the price, but I think it’s more of a “guy” style.  Other aprons I have seen are awesome but maybe a bit too frilly to be practical for me.  I’m not going to choose between durable and good-looking.  I’m going to have it all.

I found some weird-looking polyester knit fabric at the thrift store.  Of course, I had to have it.  It looks like something from the 1970s.  Kind of a diagonal gingham check in dark green.  It’s a nice heavyweight knit fabric, and all polyester, so you know it will wear like nobody’s business!

I made it with big slanted pockets.  My phone goes on my left hip, my keys on my right, whatever else I need can go right in the middle.

I paid 59 cents for the fabric (and I have some left over) and I used part of a dollar store spool of ribbon for the ties.


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