A special gift for a special teen – a locker-sized shark week bag

shark week bag

I made this out of a very cool rummage sale sheet I bought several years ago. It looks like a wave in the ocean. How sick – clearly, I’ve been planning this for a while!

I drew a rough outline of a shark onto some Heat ‘N Bond Ultra Hold, then ironed it onto a bit of silver tissue lamé, then cut it out, flipped it over, and ironed it onto the sheet fabric.

I thought I would have to stitch down the edges, but it’s holding very well on its own.

close up shark applique

I lined the bag with some white muslin.  You can congratulate me now for my restraint.  I had a piece of red satin lining that I could have used, but I chose the more modest white.

I stitched in a bit of white grosgrain ribbon for the loop handle, and then added some velcro at the top.

The bag is huge – about 14 inches by 14 inches. Plenty, plenty, plenty of room!


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