Really, it tasted way better than it looked.

My daughter has been vegetarian for years (since she was six) and has recently decided to upgrade to vegan.  She doesn’t like vegetables, so this may be a bit of a challenge for her.  She’s pretty amazing though.  She says it will be good for the animals and good for her too.  We’ve been frequenting the grocery store salad bar so that she can try bits of new veggies without committing to a whole serving.  Of course, her main concern was not veggies, but pizza and chocolate.  She is thirteen, after all!

We found a recipe for vegan chocolate at CCK.  We tried it, and it was awesome.  So we made up some cookies.  Yes, that blob up there is a dozen cookies.  We should have stayed with Katie for the whole deal, but following directions doesn’t exactly fit our lifestyle.

The cookie recipe was my idea, and not a very smart one.  Lots of times, we’ve made cookies and just skipped the eggs (or subbed a dribble of coffee or water or whatever) but we had a little extra garbanzo bean juice and decided to dump that in.  The dough was incredible, but it baked up a little funny-looking.  🙂  Next time, we’ll just eat the dough!


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