Hacked by the Duck


‘Scuse me, Lucky here.  While my human subjects are outside messing around in the kennel, I’m strutting my Man Pants in the house.  I got bored, so I hopped up to see what the aged female was doing.  Guess what?  When she forgets to lock the computer, I don’t need a password.  I guess this is my blog now!


What to say, what to say?  I guess you might want to know I’ve been to the university (NC State) so they can learn about my magnificence.  Everyone there was most impressed with my beauty and majesty, and also the size of my gonads, not that I’m bragging.

They also noticed that I have some parasitic worms in my Contribution, so that’s why my human subjects are out there messing around in my kennel.  They’re replacing the nice mud floor with concrete, as if they think that will stop me from eating anything I like.

I don’t like the way this is looking, to be honest here.  I like having soft things on my toes.  Luckily for me, the aged female human also left some stuff lying around, so I’m going to whip me up a little rug.


I’ll make it easy on my subjects and use some polyester so they can clean it up easily, because I think I’m going to leave some Contributions on it pretty regularly.  (Get it?  Regularly?)

Pretty good if I say so myself.  I’ll finish this rug later, maybe when I figure out a way to rig me up some opposable thumbs.  I want to head back out to the yard.  But first, I’m going to lock in a new password here and maybe run some corn through the air popper.  Catch you later!


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