My Daughter’s Crochet Bracelets – First Time Project!


My daughter is crocheting up a storm.  She is using an aluminum bangle for a base, and adding a row of single crochet in a sparkly purple yarn courtesy of her mother’s store.  She chose a purple bracelet too, in case some of the bracelet shows through when she’s done.

This is the first time she has crocheted anything besides long, long chains, so I am excited for her.


Oops, it’s not quite her first non-chain project.  A few minutes ago, she already finished a bracelet using polyester satin cord.  The cord was nice for her to use because she didn’t have to deal with shredding her yarn.  I remember learning to crochet many, many, many years ago.  I shredded a lot of yarn, and I remember lots of sweaty, dirty, knotty messes.  Wherever my daughter gets her ways, she seems to have missed the messy yarn gene!


Almost done…


She rocked it!

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