A couple of new gift bags


A little tiny ball of yarn gets a little tiny gift bag…



…and a little bigger order needs a little bigger bag.

The second bag is made from a fancy designer (Laura Ashley) dust ruffle that had a tear in it.  I really enjoy working with such high-quality fabric!

I hate organza. Except for when I love it.



Organza slides around all over the place, especially when I’m trying to cut it.  It’s a total pain.  But…sometimes I love it!  I love how it looks (reminds me of the bow on the back of my wedding dress!) and I love how it’s light enough to help me ship things under the 13 ounce limit for first class mail.  😉  I can’t help it.  I’m analytical.


Just a list… Music Which Requires the Use of Elbows

Whenever we go on a family outing, there are a few things we need to do that are a little bit other-than-normal.  One of our favorite items is listening for background music.  Whenever one of these songs comes on, we run over to our eldest and remind him, “Watch the elbows!”  It happens more often than you might think, and it’s always good for a laugh.

Stereo Hearts

Cotton Eye Joe

How Bad Can I Be?

The Voo Voo Vah Song

The Oooh, and I Play with the Plunger Song

Who Let the Dogs Out

The Sign

And one more that’s never on the radio, but sometimes it’s coming out of my youngest’s mouth.

There are many more songs on this list.  I just can’t think of them right this minute.

How about you?  Any songs which require the use of the elbows?

Always, always cranking out the gift bags!


These are just right for wrapping up a pattern.

I ran out of the fancy ribbon, so I made a few like this:


If you want to make your own, here’s a tutorial.

And on a larger scale:


My little girl scout is scheduled to go camping this weekend.  The girls have enormous quantities of lightweight items (paper towels, tp, cereal, etc.) to haul back to the cabins.

I’ve made a lot of these over the years.  When my eldest was young, we needed to use cloth diapers.  We live in a rural area with no diaper service, so I made nylon diaper pail liners like this.  Just a giant bag.  Then when I washed the diapers, I threw the bag in the wash too.  We still use the bags for hauling stuff, but we don’t tell anyone about their sordid past.  Hey, they’ve been washed in hot water about a million times, people!

For my daughter’s camping bag, I put some handles on the top.  I re-purposed them from a broken lunch bag.  Close-up: