DIY Boot Scraper from Scrap Lumber and Toilet Brushes

2015-02-21 14.14.12 (1)

Just in time for the winter weather around here, I made up a boot scraper.

I used some leftover wood scraps and some toilet brushes.  I used the old-fashioned kind, with a wire loop twisted with plastic fiber bristles.  I cut the wire loops and straightened them out, then poked the ends through some holes I drilled in the wood.

I probably made this unnecessarily complicated.  I didn’t know what I was doing, so I copied a boot scraper I saw at a store.  But now that we’re using it, I can see that the side brushes are unnecessary.  A flat piece of wood with a few brushes attached would work just as well.

In case you’re worrying, I bought NEW brushes at the dollar store for this project.  But that got me thinking…I’ve seen toilet brushes at the thrift store.  Who decides they don’t need a toilet brush any more?  And who buys used toilet brushes at the thrift store?  If I bought one, would I boil it before I used it?  And then would I have to boil my pot in another pot?  And then what about that pot?

Just something to keep you awake at night.


**Update:  Mom, here is your evidence.  You can see it didn’t sell yet so they marked it down.

2015-03-03 10.58.14 (1) 2015-03-03 10.58.07 (1)

Still more than the dollar store.  But look!  It comes with a spoon rest for the kitchen!


2 thoughts on “DIY Boot Scraper from Scrap Lumber and Toilet Brushes

  1. Oh, Maria, don’t I have enough to worry about and now I have to get into a snit about used brushes at thrift stores? Incidentally, I have never seen a used toilet brush at any of them. I think that it is time for your kids to go back to school so you can have some quiet time for yourself. 😉


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