Birthday, birthday, birthday!

My youngest turned eleven today.  He had a pretty terrific day.  School lunch today was pizza.  Then they had a positive behavior reward party and he won a little statue with a duck on it.  Then we had pizza for dinner because that’s his favorite.  And (of course) birthday cake.  We made a chocolate cake and decorated it with Sly Cooper, his favorite video game.


I rolled out some fondant and then cut it to look like the video game logo.  He requested chocolate birthday cake with icing, plus cool whip, and ice cream too.  He forgot to ask for sprinkles, so I didn’t mention it.

He got some very nice gifts.  One of them was homemade (by me) so I’ll show you that one.


The gift is the red snuggle robe he is wearing.  I made it out of a blanket.  He is snuggling with his brother’s teddy bear on the giant beanbag chair with a couple of regular blankets, plus a quilt made by his grandmother and a tie-dye pillowcase made by his cousins.  He has always been such a cuddler!  Any time you see him, he’s buried in blankets.

It only took about a hundred tries to get a halfway decent photo.  I don’t know why, but he really loves photobombing himself.  (That’s what he calls it.)


Oh good, I got him to pose nicely at bed time.


Awesome!  But it looks like I need to clip a few threads.  And maybe sweep up the playroom!


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