Crochet amigurumi very fat dog – oops!


I made a crochet dog for my friend.  This is supposed to look like her dog Bear, but Bear is a much thinner dog.

I already gave this little dog some liposuction (with a crochet hook and a couple of stitches) but she is still way too fat.



It could have been even worse.  Check out my first try for the legs:


I used some Gala yarn that I really love.  It’s kind of an eyelash chenille, and it’s perfectly soft for making little animals.  But of course, it’s impossible to see what I’m doing as I crochet along.  I ended up poking my hook through anything that would hold it, and instead of four or five stitches per round, it ended up double that.  So I made new legs, focusing on making them smaller.

I’ll save those huge legs and make something else with them.  Maybe a couple of tiny mice or something like that.  I only have an eensie weensie bit of yarn left, so it will have to be something tiny.

I still need to find some eyes for mini-fat-Bear.  Real Bear has amazing golden eyes.  They are really beautiful, so I’m rooting through my buttons to find something just right.


I ended up using two buttons layered together for her eyes.  Well, four buttons, I guess.


Here she is, all fat and jolly!


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