Freestyle crochet amigurumi owl – “interesting” update below


No pattern this time.  Just using up some extra yarn!

My youngest came home from school feeling miserable.  I’m afraid he’s sick.  No more blogging just now – my mothering skills are needed!


UPDATE all is well.  Sort of well.  My son is fine.  OK here’s the weird part.  He was feeling terrible, terrible, terrible, so we drove him over to the urgent care clinic.  There was about a 1-1/2 hour wait, which was not so bad, so we checked him in and then went to wait in the van.  After about an hour, he needed to use the bathroom, so we started walking towards the clinic.  All of a sudden, he collapsed in the parking lot, but don’t worry.  He crouched to the ground and I was afraid he might pass out.  But he thrashed around for a minute or so and then got sick to his stomach, and then he felt a lot better.  Sorry, I know this is kind of gross, but there was cheese and maybe some chicken and corn or something.  Weird part’s still coming.

Next it was his turn and the doctor checked him out and gave him an antibiotic for a sinus infection.  No flu!  Just a sinus infection and then the nausea from the accumulation…never mind.  I don’t want to be gross here.  The weird part is next.

I fessed up to his horking in the parking lot because I thought they might have some sort of procedure involving a bucket, some disinfectant, maybe some of those little rubber gloves they wear, something.  But the doc said not to worry about it because they have a lot of raccoons at night.  “They’ll clean that right up.”

Remember, there is no food so bad that a raccoon won’t eat it!


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