Magic Circle, where have you been all my life???


I’ve been crocheting practically all my life, but I don’t remember patterns like this when I was young.  I got it from Planet June, which is the cutest place on the internet.

When I was a kid, I made some granny squares, but I hated them.  Of course all those loose ends drove me bananas, but most especially the chain ring in the middle frustrated me to no end.  I always made it either so loose it looked ridiculous or so tight I couldn’t use it and there was just no “just right.”  Even if it looked just right, I knew it was not (knot, ha ha) and I couldn’t stand it.

Just who invented this magic ring, and why is this the first I’ve ever heard of it?

The yarn I used for this little guy is from some secondhand yarn that I bought.  Lots of times when I go thrifting for yarn, I end up with 3 balls of nice yarn, and then 1-1/2 cuffs and 6 inches of a scarf.  Sometimes I use the yarn and sometimes I sell it, but I never know what to do with those little worked bits.  Glad I saved them, because now I know!  I see quite a few of these little guys in my future…

I did notice that all of June’s guys have adorable pointy little noses, and everybody else’s guys on Ravelry using the same pattern also have cute little noses.  I must have messed up somewhere, but I like him anyway.  I didn’t put any eyes on him because my eldest is scared of eyes (because they have “ert things.”)  It’s nice to be able to make your own toys when you have issues like this!

I have a love/hate relationship with eyelash yarn.  I love the fuzz, but I can’t see what I am doing and I get frustrated with the fuzz too.  I used some black eyelash yarn with a little bit of white running through the center, and I think that helps a bit.  I’ve got a little more in my shop too, and I’ll definitely keep my eye out for more.


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