Barbie-Sized Shark Tooth Pendant

A few weeks ago, I went with my hubby and kids to the aquarium on Roanoke Island near Manteo, NC.  We had a grand time at the aquarium like we always do.  This time, the best part was digging for fossils in the outdoor area.

The fine folks at the aquarium hauled in a truckload of mine tailings from Aurora, NC.  Aurora is kind of near the ocean, but not exactly on the beach (any more).  There is a phosphate mine in Aurora, and they let people dig in the spoils piles there.  You can find all sorts of cool things there, including fossilized shark teeth.

We rooted through the dirt for awhile and found some good loot.  I only found one shark tooth, and it was pretty little, but pretty amazing.  Check out that little snaggly area on the left!



I read somewhere that shark teeth are all stylish now for some reason or other, or so say the big-bucks designers.  And that means I was able to find all sorts of instructions online for making my own shark tooth necklace.  Great!

Here’s my first attempt:


Oh, wow!  I think the shark tooth would need to be just a whole lot bigger to fill out that wire!  You can hardly even see it in there under those coils.

Old broken extension cord to the rescue!


I peeled the insulation off an old extension cord for about 8 inches.  Do you see what’s inside?  Lots of tiny copper wires.  Perfect for a tiny shark tooth!


But if you do this yourself, watch out for those little copper splinters.  You only have to step on one with your bare feet once to know what I mean.


I isolated a strand of copper and then tried it again.


When wrapping a bigger tooth, artists generally use the wire they are using to wrap the tooth to make a bail for hanging it.  But my wire was way too tiny for that.


I cut a little piece of 20-gauge wire and stuck it through some of the wires on the back of the tooth.  I could pretend that I did it carefully and followed some sort of plan, but I know you wouldn’t believe me anyway.  I put my reading glasses on, stuck the wire in there until it caught on a few tiny wires, then twisted like crazy until I couldn’t take it any more.  And yes, I do call this art.

The little snaggly part really helped me out by holding the wire tight.

Now I’ve got a little tiny pendant and I don’t know what to do with it!



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