Don’t worry, this is not what it appears to be!


No really, don’t panic.  My son had an appointment and I was waiting in the car.  Check the speedometer:


Luckily, I had a little portable craft kit along for the ride.

Maybe a portable vacuum cleaner would have been a more efficient choice.  But no battery-operated machine has the power required to clean out MY messy van!  (Plus, this is more fun.  Shh.)

I used some hemp cord and wooden beads and got re-acquainted with macrame.  It’s been a long time, but I guess it’s one of those things like riding a bike.

Here’s my secret beading shortcut:


I use dental floss threaders to slide beads onto hemp or other easily-frayed materials.


It’s almost like a needle, but the eye is huge, and the floss threader is thinner than most needles.

You can buy floss threaders at just about any store that sells dental floss.  They’re pretty cheap, and you can carry them in your purse without worrying that you’ll stab yourself looking for a tissue.  Or a bandage, if you’re into irony.


Sorry for the messy photo.  It’s hard to blog while driving.  Or pretending to blog while driving.  Maybe I should say “blogging while pretending to drive.”  Yes, that’s better.  🙂

Once I got home safely (no deadly crashes, no traffic tickets, maybe a few funny looks but I get so many of those I hardly notice) I took a more normal photo.  Here’s the finished ankle bracelet:


Thanks for stopping by!  Maria


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