More Spark-A-Doodle projects!

Spark-A-Doodle Pom Pom Cowl


Spark-A-Doodle Pom Pom Cowl


I realized I had better make a cowl to go along with the hat from a few days ago.  I used some more of the Festival Mix Fiber bulky  yarn to double-crochet a big rectangle and slip-stitched the ends together to form a loop.  Then I ran a row of single crochet around each side with the same blue Spark-A-Doodle.


Here’s a close-up of where I added the Spark-A-Doodle, including the end.  I left a bit at the beginning (a couple of inches before the first pom pom, and a couple inches at the end (after the last pom pom) and I tied them together.  It’s kind of hard to weave in the ends otherwise, with those fluffy balls in the way.  I figured a knot wouldn’t kill me.  🙂


My daughter requested a hair tie too.  I used a regular cheapo rubber band and tied on the bulky yarn.  I made a round of single crochet in the hair band, then switched to the Spark-A-Doodle for a round.

So my girl has a hat, cowl, and hairband, all matchy-matchy.  Right now, she’s wearing the hairband and the cowl and she’s beautiful!  (But again, too shy for a photo.)

To make the hat, cowl, and hair tie, I used about 1.8 ounces of the Spark-A-Doodle yarn, which is about half a skein.  I’m scheming some more projects already!

I finished the prankster hat as well, plus something else that turned out funny so I don’t know what it is yet, but I haven’t taken photos.  Maybe tomorrow.


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