Oops, looks like I’ve been pranked!


My daughter told me that one of her friends at school knits with a circular loom to make hats.  She doesn’t have to finish her projects off in some inscrutable, complicated way – she just pulls a piece of yarn through all the loops and ties it.

Well that sounded awfully good to me.  (My daughter’s first knitting project was a loom scarf, and the finishing part was tense.)  So I bought a set of circular looms for her.

She was all excited to use this skein of Red Heart Baby Clouds, which looks and feels suspiciously like Lion Brand Homespun.

She needed a little help getting the yarn on the loom, then she did a few loops and remembered that she “hated” knitting.  I was not thinking, so I offered to see if the yarn was twisted up a little funny or something.  Next thing I know, I’m knitting a hat and my daughter is running away laughing!  But I don’t even know how to knit!  How on earth did this happen to me?


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