My daughter’s first knitting project

Color me proud!  My twelve-year-old daughter was exploring my yarn for something to do.  She said crochet was “too hard.”  I couldn’t teach her how to knit since I don’t know how myself.  I had a knitting loom upstairs that I bought in a fit of madness, thinking I could figure it out.  Somehow, I never found the time.  But she did!

She's getting bored and she's almost out of yarn, so she's almost done!
She’s getting bored and she’s almost out of yarn, so she’s almost done!

The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun.  It’s acrylic, so it’s easy to care for, and this scarf is very, very soft.

My daughter tells me she made a bunch of mistakes, but I can’t tell.  I guess that’s an extra reason to love textured yarn.

A little closer...
A little closer…

My daughter is trying to decide if she should sew the ends together or leave it like a rectangle.  If she leaves it like a rectangle, should she leave the ends plain, or should she make a little fringe?  So many options, and no pattern or teacher, just the instructions that came with the loom!  I am really proud of her.  I wonder if she can teach me how to do this?


6 thoughts on “My daughter’s first knitting project

  1. How about stitching the two ends together to make sort of an infinity scarf. If it is long enough give it one twist b4 sewing the ends then it really will be an infinity scarf.


    • That’s what she did! The casting off was…challenging. Much frustration, a little age-appropriate sulking, no cussing or injuries. And it looks amazing on her! (She’s too shy for photos though.) Also, she now “hates knitting.” But then she spotted some sparkly yarn I set aside for her when she might be feeling bored again. Soon, I am sure! 🙂


  2. Abby and Morgan have a similar loom, but theirs is a circle. Abby made a muff, and Morgan is working on a hat. I have no clue how to use it, of course!


      • Someone at their summer school daycare program had one and they loved it so I bought them a set at JoAnn Fabrics. 5 sizes for anything from doll hats to adult sizes. I told them about the little hats they give babies at the hospital and told them that I’d buy yarn if they were interested in making them to donate. No bites yet, but that was right when school was starting so they were sort of distracted. I’ll suggest it again. They also learned finger knitting (?), but the only thing you can do is make a chain. Not nearly as much fun as the looms!


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